This blog post aims to reveal the investment opportunities in real estate in Zambia, and also reveal the five trends for investing in real estate in Zambia.

  1. Middle-Income Residential Market: The middle-income housing sector catering to local Zambians shows potential due to widespread self-building and the demand for rental properties during construction periods. Investors could explore opportunities in providing tailored financing solutions or investing in rental properties to tap into this market.
  2. Retirement Properties in Livingstone: Livingstone is witnessing increased interest from foreign retirees seeking property. Investors might consider developing retirement communities or other housing options suited to this demographic, leveraging the town’s advantages like its proximity to Victoria Falls and South Africa.
  3. Investment from Zambians Abroad: Zambians working overseas are expressing interest in investing in local real estate, especially with an eye towards retirement. Developers could seize opportunities by offering properties tailored for rental income or long-term ownership to cater to this market.
  4. Student Accommodation: With Zambia’s youthful population and the recent expansion of free schooling, there’s potential for growth in student housing. Investors could consider building purpose-built student accommodation near universities or colleges to meet rising demand.
  5. Industrial and Retail Property Challenges: The industrial and retail sectors are facing challenges, with excess vacant space in warehouses and industrial properties. Investors should approach these sectors cautiously due to past market speculation and the relocation of storage facilities, leaving many properties unoccupied.

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